Wednesday, July 29, 2009

After some research...

Well... I have decided to run a game using the Supernatural roleplay game. I have in my head made up a few characters and have decided that I could handle all that.

The next step is to figure out what level to start the characters. If they are Rookies, they will not be all that great at the hunting thing. And seeing as this is a game about hunters... this can be a drawback. However, the game can start as a group of normal people that get thrown into this lifestyle and basically we can follow the progress as they deal with the world of the supernatural. Maybe using a basic urban legend as the first game session.

But there is something to be said for starting with a bit of experience in the hunting lifestyle. Well, at least less work for me anyway. Some of the players have (of course) expressed interest in having powers. Starting them at Veteran would allow for that in a very easy way.

This decision is crucial. I don't wanna start them too high (or too low) and then later regret it. I have seen what that can do to a GM. This calls for more thinking and perhaps some advise from those more experienced than me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A perfect day for reading...

So... I woke up out of sorts this morning. What a perfect day for checking out a new gaming book. You see, my boyfriend has been wanting me to run some sort of game for a while now. I was thinking that I would run a Buffy the Vampire Slayer game (via Eden Studios). However, the lack of suplements makes this a little more in depth than I think that I wish to deal with. You see, as much as I like to game, and I LOVE to game, I hate gaming systems. This dislike is going to prove problematic to me running a game. That being said, I have been introduced to the Savage Worlds system. It is so easy to make characters and the rules are straight forward. Music to my ears. Much like GURPS or the Modern D20 system, Savage Worlds is easy to use in most worlds gamers would want to game in. Currently I am a player in two Savage Worlds games: Deadlands (a horror/wild west game) and Hellfrost (a fantasy setting). So, I am able to use my materials for these games (I own an Explorers Guide, the general main book of this system) to figure out what I want to run. I also got my grubby hands on the horror tool box, so if I wanted to run a game using Savage Worlds that is set in the "Buffy-verse" this is possible.

Now, to cloud the issue, my boyfriend got a copy of the PDF for the recently released Supernatural Roleplay Game (Margret Weis Productions). It is a really good system. I LOVE the world in this TV show. Also, I might be able to sell this world to a few more players. It doesn't favor the girls like Buffy. Everyone can be a hunter. Everyone can be the hero, not just the supporting cast. Also, one of the main players that I would want in this game hates the Buffy-verse. He says that it is too campy for his taste. I don't know what the world of Supernatural is any less campy, but whatever.

I guess my next step is to compare the options that I have. I really want to run a horror game. But not one that takes itself too seriously. That is why I have narrowed it to these two systems. These two worlds are horror with a sense of humor. I really like that. So, off I go to compare and contrast these systems and decide what it is that I want to run.