Sunday, August 9, 2009

Now, at a stand still...

So, I have everything set for the first game. All I need is a time to play and the confidence to push this along.

I have never ran a game before. I am scared to do it. I am dating the best GM that I have ever had the privlege to play with. Needless to say, he will be playing. No pressure. None at all. He is very supportive, but if I suck, well... Will he tell me? Or will he lie to me about it? Which do I want him to do? Lol!

The time is also a rough thing to deal with. The players I have are also in another game. I will be fighting for weekends with my boyfriend. This will be better once his games become regular again. I don't want every week... or even every oher week seems like a lot of work. Maybe, once a month? I will have to wait and see how his stuff falls in place because he started prep for his game first.

The plot is coming along smoothly. I have been able to formulate it in my head. How nice. *grin* Now comes fleshing it out with NPCs and research. I have decided to focus a lot of things in Fort Wayne, IN. Why? I live here and have lived in the general area since I was born. Supernatural is based on Urban legend. Easier to do when you know the legends already. Like I said, just detail research. I will be less vague soon, I promise.