Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nose to the grindstone...

I know that I have been neglectful of this blog. Both blogs actually. BUT, this week I am reading about local urban legends. These are the cornerstones of good plot with Supernatural. I will decide soon and go with what I think would be a good opening plot. This game will be eposodic. A bit disjointed at times. But that is ok. I am still coming into my own. My goal is to start running by the end of September.

I have no clue what my players wish to play. Not even my boyfriend. Of course, I haven't really tried to talk about it too much. I am not sure if this will affect what plot I decide to run or not. I have been thinking that I should have them make the characters together, in order to (hopefully) have some gelling within the group. It would make my life easier to have them at least starting in the same place physically. It would be AMAZING if the characters actually KNEW each other.

More this weekend after I have time to finish research and talk to my players. I really can't wait to share info about the characters and the setting. And VERY shortly after that I will chronicle the stories that my players and I tell with this game.